Little Trooper of the Month

Max Hall


Max Hall has been awarded ‘Little Trooper of the Month’ for showing bravery and determination every day since he was born. Max was struck down with pneumococcal meningitis when he was a toddler which caused him to have a stroke and left him with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Doctors later found that Max has an immune deficiency and he now takes a daily dose of penicillin to prevent bacterial infections. Earlier this year, he also ended up in hospital for surgery on his leg.

On top of this, Max has also had to cope with the challenges that come with being part of an Armed Forces family. Max’s Dad often serves away from home and has spent numerous months deployed overseas on military operations.

Max’s Mum, Rebecca, nominated him for the award and comments: “Max is one of the most inspiring little boys you will likely have the pleasure to meet. He’s always incredibly brave when we have to go to the doctors or the hospital and he takes everything in his stride. When his Dad goes away, Max obviously misses him like crazy, but he also tells me he is the man of the house and wants to look after me and his little sister. He is just a really happy, fun little guy who loves life and doesn’t let anything get him down. We are so proud of our little trooper.”  

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, said: “Max has had to cope with so much in his five years of life and we think he deserves to be recognised for his bravery, strength and determination at such a young age. That’s why we’ve named him our Little Trooper of the Month and are sending him a medal for him to wear with pride. Max, you really are a special little trooper!”

 Max will receive a medal, certificate and a £50 voucher from Little Troopers.

max final

Max Hall

Nominate a Trooper of the month!

We want to recognise Little Troopers; children with parents serving in the British Armed Forces who have been exceptionally brave, inspirational or just extra special against all odds. 

This is an opportunity to really celebrate and shine a spotlight on the lives of incredible military children, hear the special stories and give them the recognition they really deserve.

Our monthly winner will receive a special prize, certificate and lasting recognition of a customised, unique medal. We will also shout about how amazing our winners our on our website, social media and other related publications.

Nominations welcomed from Unit Welfare Offices, Community Development Workers, Schools/Nurseries and of course YOU!

If you are not the parent or guardian of the child you are nominating you must ask permission and advise them you are nominating. We will need to contact them directly to progress a nomination if successful.

Unsuccessful nominations will not be contacted.

Please upload a recent photograph we can use for certificate and hall of fame if they win:

Eligible children: ANY child with a parent or step parent currently serving with the British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force; wherever they live, reserve or regular, parents married or unmarried. Children can only win once. Please only nominate one child per nomination. Children of any age can be nominated. Please ensure all the information you submit is true and correct stating if the child is a step child/has a different father or mother to serving person.

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