Little Troopers Letters

Little Troopers move around frequently and are often lucky enough to make friends all over the world! Little Troopers Letters is an initiative to keep military children connected with their friends. Writing letters is so much fun!

If you are moving in the next four – six weeks you can apply for a pack for your military child. Applications will be open for one week per month and we currently have a limited number of packs available per month. If you are successful you will receive a folder which is a special place for your child to keep all their letters. In the folder you will find two letter packs, one for your Little Trooper and one for a special friend they are saying goodbye to when you move.

Sorry, applications are presently closed...

Currently applications for Little Troopers Letters packs are closed for this month, please check back soon. Each month applications are opened due to having a limited number of packs to distribute each month. Check out our social media for updates on applications opening!