Little Troopers Gazette

Calling all young writers, budding journalists and creative minds. Little Troopers needs you! We ask children aged 5+ from across the British Armed Forces community to contribute to our quarterly newspaper called the Little Troopers Gazette. See below our Press Pack and print off the resources to get involved in creating an article for the paper.

Send articles and accompanying photos to [email protected]

The Little Troopers Gazette is packed with content written by and for military children and is a place where young people come together to share their experiences of military life in print, as well as reading about other little troopers around the world who are just like them.

The paper and postage is free and we send it out to all serving British Armed Forces families who apply and schools for their military children. Military units who wish to distribute to their families also feel free to apply.

Fill out the application for your Little Troopers Gazette below.

Request a Little Troopers Gazette...

Please complete this online application form for your Little Troopers Gazette (Spring/Summer 2022 edition) the paper and postage are FREE.

Papers will be sent out from mid March 2022 and thereafter a week or so after you apply until stock has run out.

*Schools & military community support – max 50 copies can be applied for*