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In Schools

Little Troopers at School

Educating schools about the unique needs through circumstance of military children and providing specific resources to support those needs in education settings.

In Schools

Little Troopers at School

Educating schools about the unique needs through circumstance of military children and providing specific resources to support those needs in education settings.

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About the project

Little Troopers at School project objective is to educate schools, primary and secondary, about the unique needs through circumstance of military children and make available easily accessible resources to you.

Our aim is to ensure all military children get fair and consistent support within their education setting wherever that may be, for all circumstances and however many times they move schools.

Watch this short video where Louise speaks to two serving military parents about the quick and easy ways schools can support service children in education.

Primary School Resources

Wellbeing course

An innovative course template to start conversations about feelings and emotions associated with military situations often experienced by military children. We provide you everything you need to deliver this seven session course.

Resource Pack

Our resources packs are full of specific, carefully created resources by experts to help you best support and recognise the military children in your setting.

Supporting Children with Additional Needs

Specific resources created for education settings who have children with additional needs, written with the military community and challenges in mind. Social Stories, Talking Mats & Dictionary sheet


Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 (Wellbeing & Mindfulness) for Primary settings. Access downloadable resources and stream the workshops whenever it suits your timetable.

Secondary School Resources

Secondary School Resource Hub

A toolbox of free school resources available for you to browse, download and utilise.

Lesson plans, activity templates and other resources packed with practical ideas to get you talking about military life in your setting. We will also work with you to get the best from these resources.


These resources are for use with military children, in large classes or smaller groups. All have a military theme within but written to give focused ways to engage young people

Forces Life CLub

We help you to create a Forces Life Club in your setting to bring young people together in a relaxed way to cover various sessions with a military theme.


We have created a six week military child wellbeing course for delivery in settings with children 11yrs+

Everything you need on a USB including powerpoints, facilitator notes and activity sheets.

Register now to receive your free course template on USB.

SQUAD Podcast

SQUAD is a podcast from Little Troopers specifically for military teenagers. Across eight episodes, your teens can listen to other children aged 13-18 talk about growing up in the Armed Forces community. Each episode comes with an evidence-based activity sheet so that schools can further the discussion and use SQUAD as an interactive resource to support service children in the classroom.

Little Troopers Gazette

Calling all young writers, budding journalists and creative minds. Little Troopers needs you! We want children aged 5+ from across the British Armed Forces community to contribute to our brand-new newspaper called the Little Troopers Gazette. See our Press Pack and print off the resources to be part of this exciting new project!

Little Troopers Therapy Programme

Project providing bespoke 121 and group therapy sessions for military children reception – 18 years.


On Demand parent video series also available.

Crafty Little Troopers

Our activity sheet initiative for Little Troopers everywhere, follow Tilly and Tom our #craftylittletroopers with lots of activities/craft to do at home or at school. New sheets added regularly; seasonal, military, general and more themes.

X-Ray of Feelings

The X-Ray of Feelings resources are a series of five beautifully illustrated pictures showing an X-Ray of a child’s body which undercovers some of the thoughts and feelings they might be experiencing when facing some military life situations.

Affirmation CArds

There is no particular way to use affirmation cards and you may well find a different way that works for you. However, here you can download some suggestions to help you get going.


Info Sheets

Free to download information sheets to understand more about the Service Pupil Premium, challenges military children may face, ways you can support in school, best practice and more topics.

Case Studies

Read how some education settings have utlised our resources and the impact it has had to the military children.


We have spent a lot of time researching and reviewing the books out there for military families, some for pre-schoolers and some for teens and everything in between.


Are you looking to do some fundraising for Little Troopers? We love it when schools and nurseries get involved with fundraising for our charity, every single penny raised is so precious to us.

useful Links for schools

Useful links and websites specifically related to military children in education that both schools and parents may find of interest

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Many elements of the Little Troopers at School project were made possible with generous funding from The Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fun and The Veterans Foundation.

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