Every year throughout the month of February Little Troopers has a focus on fundraising. We are inviting YOU our fantastic supporters to help us raise money to enable us to continue our work through the year. 

We really hope you get involved with your little troopers, together we can make such a difference. Register your fundraising with us using the form at the bottom of the page and everyone who takes part will be sent a medal at the end of the month! THANK YOU for helping us to help the children of our British Armed Forces.

It is so easy to get involved with Fundraise February!

Sponsored Walk/Ride 10km​

Walk, Run or Ride! Cover your 10km however you like.

Virtual Mountain Challenges

Mount Snowdon to Everest! You and your little troopers can get involved with Climb YOUR Mountain and you can replicate a mountain trek at home or on trails near where you live.

School fundraising

We love it when schools and nurseries get involved with fundraising for little troopers, every single penny raised is so precious to us. Some of the events that have been run recently include a cake sale, dandelion day, art display, dress up as your hero day plus lots of other amazingly fun fundraisers.

Give as you Live

Give as you Live Online enables you to raise money for your favourite charity from your everyday shopping online. You can choose Little Troopers.

Buy your Stanley & Maud bangle

Visit stanleyandmaud.com and purchase your Stanley and Maud X Little Troopers 'give back bangle' £10 from every purchase is donated to Fundraise February.

Online Get Cakey - details soon​

Donate to join - Access details coming soon


At home or with School use our Read-a-Thon pack to help you

Get Cakey

Some of our most successful fundraising events have been…….CAKE events. This is why we created a whole fundraising campaign around cake! Visit the Get Cakey page for all the information and request your Get Cakey pack.

Supermarket token Schemes

Asda, Tesco and Waitrose have token schemes for good causes. It's really easy to nominate us. Tesco is an online form, Asda is a form you can find online and email or pop into store and Waitrose complete form in store.

Amazon Smile

Shop using smile.amazon.co.uk and choose Little Troopers as your charity. 0.5% of eligible purchases gets donated to your chosen charity, its so easy!

Give a Car

Giveacar can turn your old car into cash for any UK charity. They arrange free collection, then either sell your car at auction or scrap it with the proceeds raised going to your chosen charity.

All the information you need is here:



Some of our most successful fundraising events over the last 12 months have been…….CAKE events.

We were so excited when we realised this that we just knew we had to create a Little Troopers cake related event! We have put together a resource pack with everything you need to help you put on your own Get Cakey for Little Troopers fundraiser!