Every year throughout the month of February Little Troopers has a focus on fundraising. We are inviting YOU our fantastic supporters to help us raise money to enable us to continue our work through the year. This year’s Fundraise February will be restricted due to Covid-19 guidance, but there is still lots of things you can do during the month or set up to help us fundraise throughout the year.

We really hope you get involved with your little troopers, together we can make such a difference. Register your fundraising with us using the form at the bottom of the page and everyone who takes part will be sent a medal at the end of the month! THANK YOU for helping us to help the children of our British Armed Forces.

We are celebrating being here for military children for 10 years this year so we have 10 ways you can fundraise! Can you help us raise £1010.10?

Create your own Decathlon

10 events of your choice to complete this challenge. Those events might comprise of laps of the garden, hurdles, long jump, shuttle throws...there's so many things you could include.

Sponsored Silence​

10 mins or 10 hours - Parents this could be a great way to get some peace!

Sponsored Walk/Ride 10km​

Walk, Run or Ride! Cover your 10km however you like.

Online Family & Friends games/quiz night​

Hold a virtual quiz night and ask people to donate to join in. Get those thinking caps on for questions!

Climb Snowdon at home 4610 steps​

Our Snowdon Challenge is how we started 10 years ago! Why not replicate the climb at home which equals 4610 steps. We also have some other virtual mountain challenges, access the challenge pack at the bottom of the page.

Car Washing​

Social distanced car washing on your estate to raise some pennies.


Ask people to sponsor; Read 10 books across the month of February.

Spare Change Challenge​

All your spare change adds up. Any change you accumulated throughout the month of February, save it all up and then donate!

Online Zumba - details soon​

Donate to join - Access details coming soon

Online Get Cakey - details soon​

Donate to join - Access details coming soon

All the information you need is here:



Some of our most successful fundraising events over the last 12 months have been…….CAKE events.

We were so excited when we realised this that we just knew we had to create a Little Troopers cake related event! We have put together a resource pack with everything you need to help you put on your own Get Cakey for Little Troopers fundraiser!