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Pre-school story book is available to buy now!

We are so excited to announce that our Pre-school story book is available to buy now. ‘I’m a Little Trooper’ was launched as a giveaway for Armed Forces Day. It proved to be so popular that we have now added it to our online shop.

‘I’m a Little Trooper’ is written by published children’s author, Donna David. Aimed at pre-school military children, the short, illustrated storybook explores what it means to be a ‘Little Trooper’. It describes experiences, feelings and emotions that thousands of military children face growing up in the Armed Forces community.  

Louise, founder of our charity, comments: “We think it is important for children to have books that they can relate to. It can be particularly hard for young children to understand why Mummy or Daddy keep going away. We want all military children to feel recognised, included and celebrated and this book does this in a simple way.”

This book can be used to talk to children as young as three about feelings they might have. It covers moving home, parents going away and new schools/nurseries, as well as explaining that little troopers are amazing.

Unique Little Troopers books

Our ‘I’m a Little Trooper’ book is the new addition to our very own book series. We have two sets of story books for primary age children. 

Louise adds “Our Little Troopers book ranges are so special and I hope they make military children feel proud to be ‘little troopers’.”

The Pre-school story book is available to buy now. It costs just £3.50 (plus P&P) and you can order yours here.

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