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Happy New Year from Little Troopers

2020 was certainly a challenging year and we can only hope 2021 is going to bring some happier times and more smiles. At Little Troopers we just wanted to say Happy New Year, give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up and also remind you of some of special resources that you can find on our website.

2021 is going to be the year of the Little Troopers School Roadshow. Over the last four years the Little Troopers at School project has developed resources for parents, Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. The charity now has Resource Packs for schools to use with children from 5-16 years old and a Wellbeing Course for Primary Schools. In the next month we will be launching our Secondary School’s Wellbeing Course.

Our Roadshow will take free Primary School Workshops to ten locations around the UK and a free Education Conference to five locations across our Nation. We are hoping to kick off in March. To find out more and register click here

If you are going to be deployed this year, please remember we have lots of resources to support you and your family:

  • If your Little Trooper has a parent away from home on their birthday, please sign up for our free birthday card scheme. This surprise could brighten their day – the message you request will be handwritten in the card exactly as you submit it.
  • Don’t forget to download our Little Troopers Treasures app to your iPad or tablet device. The app allows you to record and bedtime story. When your child plays the video back, they will not only see you but the pages turn by magic as you read along.
  • Alongside the app we have developed a series of other resources to help including separation diaries, planning sheets and a time difference chart so you can see what each other are doing at different times of the day.
  • In our shop we have a separation pack, which is packed full of goodies including a countdown chart to try and help the time apart a little easier.
  • Finally, if your little one is finding it touch, take a look at our reading list. These books that have been reviewed by military families may bring some comfort.

Louise, Founder of the charity said, “After last year I think we are all quite excited to see what 2021 can bring but we are mightily aware that for some of you it could mean the start of a countdown to a new period of separation. Little Troopers is always here for you and your family. If you have a question email us or ask on any of our social media channels. Take care, stay strong and Happy New Year.”


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