Secondary School Resource Hub

We have worked hard to create a series of free online secondary school resources for teachers to download and use with young people 11 years+

Designed to work as a teacher’s toolbox, you can quickly browse through these online resources and pick and choose the ones most relevant to your school and your military children throughout the academic year.

From Secondary School lesson plans, to activity templates and ideas sheets these free school resources are packed with practical ideas to get you talking about military life in the classroom. All the resources are flexible and can be delivered to large classes or small groups of students and be incorporated as part of your school curriculum or run as a lunchtime or after school sessions. You will also find some checklists and guidance created for staff to help you represent the military community you have in your setting.

We have also provided a large selection of one off military themed school lessons and activities covering a range of topics from creative writing, sports activities, in-school events, media skills, community engagement suggestions and many more.

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Resources for Schools:

These resources are for you, education settings, and are written to be teacher facing.

Giving guidance, advice plus hints and tips on how you can recognise the military community within your school.

Resources for use with Military Children:


These resources are for use with military children, in large classes or smaller groups.

All have a military theme within but written to give focused ways to engage young people

Forces Life Club Sessions:


We help you to create a Forces Life Club in your setting to bring young people together in a relaxed way to cover various sessions with a military theme.