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Little Troopers’ Military Moments will bring joy to your 2019

A collection of pictures showing some heart-warming Military Moments between children and their parents, who serve our country in the British Armed Forces, have been brought together in a beautiful calendar for 2019. The calendar created by the charity Little Troopers, will raise money to help over 120,000 children keep their special bond with their Mum or Dad while they are serving away from home.

Louise Fetigan, Founder and Operations manager of Little Troopers said: “This is our charity’s seventh calendar and once again our military community have sent us some beautiful pictures that truly capture the heart-breaking reality of our family’s lives. The last cuddle before a long deployment or that welcome home hug where you just want to hold them forever is so special and we have some of those moments and lots more in next year’s calendar.”

Highlights in the 2009 calendar include:

  • 4 year old Millie McSeveney-Liddell welcoming Daddy Private Jordan McSeveney-Liddell (3 Scots) home after his longest deployment, she was so excited to welcome him home and give him the sweeties she picked for him.
  • 4 year old Isabelle Thornton running to give Daddy Corporal Stuart Thornton, (Recruit Training Instructor, RAF Halton) a big hug after the end of a Recruits Graduation Parade. During the 10 week training courses Isabelle and her brother Oscar don’t see daddy very much.
  • 15 day old Louis Darwell with his Dad Lieutenant Warfare Officer Joseph Darwell (HMS Clyde). Little Louis nearly arrived on the day of Joseph’s Passing Out Parade, but stayed put for one more week.

The charity Little Troopers aims to help maintain the family bond through events, resources and initiatives such as its app Little Troopers Treasures and the charity’s very own Separation Pack.

The Little Troopers: ‘Military Moments’ calendar shows a side of forces life very rarely shared. The seventh calendar (2019) which costs £9.99 (plus P&P) can be ordered now from www.LittleTroopers.net.


If you have any further enquiries or would like to set up an interview please call Jo at Little Troopers [email protected]or 07702 563826

Notes to Editors

You can use this link to buy the 2019 calendar – https://www.freewebstore.org/littletroopers/PRE-ORDER_2019_Little_Trooper_Calendar/p1281576_7596610.aspx

Little Troopers is a charity that provides support to children and families who have a serving parent away from the family home. These children will quite often celebrate their birthday or Christmas without one or both of their parents and they count down to the day that they will come home. They can be away for one to nine months and often will be in a combat zone. To find out more visit www.littletroopers.net or see our founder’s blog http://littletroopersathome.blogspot.co.uk.

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