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As the deadline passes to register for the Service Pupil Premium we thought we would give you an update on our Little Troopers at School project. Many parents tell us that they are unsure as to how schools spend the funds that are given to provide extra support to service children.

There are lots of resources in the Little Troopers at School project for schools but many are unaware of them. Louise, Founder of Little Troopers said “ I recently traveled to Rutland to present at a conference run by Rutland County Council. The conference was specifically about how to best support service children in education settings. It was amazing to see so many from the county invested in the needs of military children. Sadly these meetings are not common place, so as parents we need to guide our schools.”

Louise developed the Little Troopers at School project after her own daughter had five different schools for five years in a row. She combined her own experiences with those of other parents across the country and worked with teacher consultants, to produce a number of resources. Currently we have:

  • Primary school resource pack – packed full of resources; one pack can help support up to 25 children
  • Service Pupil premium audit tool – An audit to help schools look at how they spend its Service Pupil Premium. The cost of the audit can be covered by the Service pupil premium
  • Military children with additional needs resources – Specific resources created for education settings and parents who have children with additional needs, written with the military community and challenges in mind. Social Stories, Talking Mats & Dictionary sheet examples
  • A gorgeous trio of military dress up outfitsfor nursery and early years role play areas (and home)
  • Our Dear Mummy/ Daddy storybooks, which can be purchased as a trio for a school library

Coming soon:

  • Secondary school resource pack
  • Military child course template for primary and secondary schools

To find out more about the Little Troopers at School project here.


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