Little Troopers at School project objective is to educate schools, primary and secondary, about the unique needs through circumstance of military children and make available easily accessible resources to you.
Our aim is to ensure all military children get fair and consistent support within their education setting wherever that may be, for all circumstances and however many times they move schools.

If you are a school, primary or secondary, and you currently have military children in your education setting or you may have in the future you can access and utilise these free to download information sheets to understand more about the Service Pupil Premium, Challenges military children may face, Ways you can support in school, Best practice and many more topics

Access free to download information sheets here with the aim to empower parents of military children, helping you to better understand the Service Pupil Premium, Absence in school term time, Education options and also providing vital form templates for when you move or start a new school

We have recently spent a lot of time researching and reviewing the books out there for military families. We now have a recommend reads list for you! We’ve sourced, read and had all these titles reviewed by Little Troopers, some for pre-schoolers and some for teens and everything in between.

Find out more about our resource packs specifically created for education settings who have military children within or want to raise awareness of the military in their setting.

Useful links and websites specifically related to military children in education that both schools and parents may find of interest

Little Troopers have created a Service Pupil Premium Audit tool, let us help you look at how your education setting spends it’s Service Pupil Premium, improve or confirm strategy and recommend how you can have the most beneficial impact.

Specific resources created for education settings and parents who have children with additional needs, written with the military community and challenges in mind. Social Stories, Talking Mats & Dictionary sheet examples