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World Friendship Day – Stay in touch with your Bestie

In celebration of World Friendship Day, we wanted to shout about our Little Troopers Letters scheme. We are determined to create a team of little trooper pen pals across the world. The scheme provides two writing kits to kick start lifelong friendships.

The Little Troopers Letters kit includes two writing packs with letter paper, envelopes, pens, pencils, stickers and badges.

The pen pal scheme has been designed to ease the anxiety that some children feel when moving home and to celebrate and nurture the close friendships often made between military children. Writing about and sharing feelings and experiences on paper is known to support children’s wellbeing, in addition to helping them practice their reading and writing skills.

Louise, founder of Little Troopers, said: “Being part of a military family means that you get used to moving home a lot, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier. We know some children find moving home challenging and one of the hardest parts is saying goodbye to old friends. That’s why we have created the Little Troopers Letters pack. We’d love it if the scheme helped children start the habit of a lifetime and maintain lifelong friendships with others who have shared in their childhood experiences.”

Little Troopers will release over 80 packs per month with the scheme initially running until the end of 2020. The packs, which are aimed at children aged 5+, will be available for British Armed Forces families and funded by our charity apart from a small postage fee. You can apply for a pack here. Please only apply if you are being posted within the next six weeks, then we can make sure the packs are benefiting children who are moving imminently.

Happy World Friendship Day!

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