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When your partner/ husband or wife is in the military there is an unspoken bond among the partner/ spouses who are left behind at home. However, during this weird time, our bond needs to be even stronger but we are challenged by the fact that we cannot meet face to face. Don’t worry, we have a great way to help you, our Family Time stories.

Earlier this year, Our Founder, Louise met with 13 amazing people to talk through their experiences of being in a military family. Louise said “This was an incredible opportunity; we laughed, cried and talked through the highs and lows of our lives. Looking back the interviews were timed perfectly as they are really therapeutic. Sometimes just understanding that you are not alone can be so strengthening, it can really really help to feel less isolated.”

The Family Time interviews were recorded as a Feature for the radio show Team Talk which airs on BFBS Radio on Tuesdays at 1830hrs.  This show was produced by TBI Media and made possible with funding from the Audio Content Fund

You can listen again to the short stories (just 8-10 minutes long) on our website here.  A new one will be added each Tuesday until all 13 are available for you.

Don’t forget we have lots more resources online to help; Tips for parents, Crafty Little Trooper activity sheets and our Little Troopers Treasures app, which we have opened up for grandparents to use too.

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