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RV1 Group supports Little Troopers

RV1 Group, a company who set up to help find employment prospects for those leaving the military community, has been supporting Little Troopers over the last year. The young company has donated £500 and helped us to raise awareness by sharing our information with their social media network of 50,000 people.

Robert Wilson, Owner and Founder of RV1 originally connected with Little Troopers and was struck by the incredible work carried out.  He said “As a young company dedicated in positive ‘real time’ action within the Armed Forces community, we wanted to find a military charity beyond the corporate super structures. Little Troopers struck an instant chord, as service children can face real struggle and difficulty in living inside the wire so to speak. From the very earliest encounters, I was struck with a real sense that each penny banked would go to directly the very best of use. Louise is a gladiator in all that she does and a real inspiration to those within the community.”

The company has made a quarterly donation to the charity, which is based on their overall business activity. Most recently they were honoured to be included in the 2020 Military Moments Calendar as the sponsor for the month of November.

Louise, Founder of Little Troopers said: “Support from companies like RV1 means so much to our charity. We love working with organisations from inside and outside the military communities and RV1 sits in the middle which is even better. Over the last year they have helped us to raise awareness within the military community and outside world. The money that they have donated will help us continue to offer help to our families through projects like Little Troopers Treasures and our schools project”

Robert Wilson added “We are delighted that our money is going to help. So much sacrifice can be made within an Armed Forces career and children can face real struggle, ultimately missing out on so many life experiences.”

The RV1 Group set up in 2018 to help those transitioning from military to civilian life. All founding members of the company struggled with the complex challenge of making the transition from service life to the world of business once out of the resettlement system. They chose to focus on end of service and assist the military community by offering a tapered transition into the world of corporate business.

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