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Help us find our 2021 Little Troopers of the Month

Little Troopers is super excited to launch the search for our 2021 Heroes. The charity’s popular Little Trooper of the Month scheme recognises those who have been exceptionally brave, inspirational or just extra special against all odds. 

Louise, our charity founder said “Times are tough at the moment and especially for our little troopers whose lives can be hectic and emotional in normal circumstances but are facing even more challenges with the pandemic. Parents, Teachers, Unit Welfare Offices, Community Development Workers, or any member of the family can nominate a child to be Little Trooper of the Month. We love hearing from you.”

Last year eleven Little Troopers joined our Hall of Fame, including December’s winner Joshua. Josh’s Dad has been away on deployment since September and wasn’t able to come home for Christmas. Due to Covid-19 he will have been away for 7 months with no R&R. Josh has a 16-year-old sister with a severe disability and often helps his Mum with his sister and 5-year-old brother. As a result, he has had to have ‘an adult head on young shoulders’. Josh has moved school 5 times, but this this year has been particularly difficult as they moved during lockdown. He didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to his friends and has struggled to make new ones due to the lockdowns. His Mum told us that “He still starts each new school with a smile on his face and comes home smiling”.

All Little Troopers of the Month recipients receive a medal and certificate. You can see all previous winners on the Little Troopers website here. If you would like to nominate someone this year you can find the entry form on this page too. Please note: Nominations must be received by last day of the month and winners will be notified the first week of the following month.



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