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My name is Cheryl and I write some of the news stories that feature on this website. This week I wanted to do something different. Rather than just tell you about our fabulous Crafty Little Troopers activity sheets I wanted to show you some of our highlights. I have two children an 11year old daughter and 4-year-old son. This weekend we chose four of the activities from the Crafty Little Troopers section. We made Pancakes, a Tambourine, Paper Aeroplane and one of the beautiful Colouring Sheets. Here’s how we got on:

Cyrus and Tia both made the pancakes, with Cyrus Measuring and whisking and Tia doing the hot bit – cooking them. I had everything in the cupboard already for the recipe and we added Strawberries, Mango and Maple syrup when eating.

Cyrus enjoyed making the paper aeroplane, I had to show him one side and he copied for the other side as he found some of the folds a little tricky. He loved drawing his pilot and then proudly announced that he had done a repeating pattern on the wings.

We also made the tambourine, which we found easy to make and lots of fun to play with! Cyrus tried to copy the pattern on the instruction sheet and loved doing the stapling (although he needed a little help). We didn’t have any beans but found some popcorn kernels worked just as well.

Finally, Tia sat down in the evening and coloured in this seaside themed colouring sheet. They are gorgeous designs and so great to help you get some peace. I think printing them out and it being one sheet makes it feel more achievable to complete in one go.

There are over 50 activities on the Crafty Little Troopers page, click here and get started.

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