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Family Time stories encapsulated for all time

This week sees the last Family Time interview being aired as part of BFBS’ special Team Talk programme. In the days before Lockdown Louise met with 13 families to chat about being part of the military community and the impact it has on their lives.

Louise, Founder of the charity said, “It was a real privilege to be able to record these interviews with people across all the Armed Forces. The challenges that our families face is varied, but separation, moving around and rejoice in homecomings were strong themes. We talked about whirlwind romances, incredible health challenges and looking after our mental health among many other things.”

All thirteen interviews are now on the Little Troopers Website for everyone to listen to again. Louise adds “Being a military spouse can be lonely at times. Sometimes just understanding that you are not alone can be so strengthening. We wanted to encapsulate these interviews on our website so you can tap into them whenever needed.”

You can listen again to the short stories (just 8-10 minutes long) on our website here. If you need help or advice as military spouse don’t forget you can email us or pop a message on our Facebook page.

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