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Do you recognise this Little Trooper?

This cute little face belongs to Comedian, Novelist and Actress Jenny Éclair. Jenny grew up as a military child with her Dad serving with the British Army. Jenny along with Joanna Lumley have shared their experiences of growing up with a parent serving in the Military as part of our celebration of the Month of the Military Child.

Talking about their experience they both talked about moving home, travelling around the world and what they would like to say to little troopers who have parents serving in the Armed Forces today.

Jenny Éclair said “Enjoy it, make as many friends as possible, be nice to the new kids because you might be a new kid soon.”

Joanna Lumley said “Remember what a fine job your parents are doing, and tell them you are happy; and they will be so pleased and glad that they have such fabulous kids. With a kind heart and an open mind, you can do anything you set your mind on. Be brave. Be gorgeous.”

The full interviews are on our special Dandelion page.

Louise, Founder of the Charity added “As we come to the end of April, which has been a strange one for all of us, we have been overwhelmed by all of the beautiful dandelion pictures and your photos of your little troopers with the dandelion poem. Our little troopers are special all year round but it has been lovely celebrating them this month especially when so many are facing an unknown length of separation from their Mum or Dad.”

There are lots of resources to help you through this period of lockdown on our website, but we particularly wanted to let you know about three new certificates that we have created. The certificates, which are free to download, carry messages of You’ve been so Strong, We’re Really Proud of You and You’re such a Little Trooper along with gorgeous art work and space to write the date for your children. You can download them here.

Stay well and safe everyone.

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