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Crafty Little Troopers can help you save money!

With just under a month to go, the excitement for Christmas is building. To help save some money this year why not have a look at Crafty Little Troopers and get crafting. We’ve lots of Christmas craft ideas that can keep the children busy, while you get 5 minutes peace!  

There are activity sheets for making biscuits, salt dough decorations, Christmas cards, Christmas eve sacks and even eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Our little crafter Cyrus made some gorgeous wrapping paper. With some help, he cut a star out of a potato and used it to make prints on the paper. You can cut any shapes and use any paint; you just need some blank paper. He said, “It was fun making my own paper. I used it to wrap up Mummy and Daddy’s present.”

On the Crafty Little Troopers website there are activities to keep you busy throughout the year. In total there are over 50, there is something for everyone.

Louise, founder of our charity said, “The lead up to Christmas with little ones is always hectic. Especially if you have a parent serving away from home. We put together our Crafty Little Troopers activities to help keep little hands busy. Also keeping the environment in mind, our Christmas eve sack is great way of recycling an old pillowcase. The wrapping paper can also be recycled if you can keep the design glitter free.”

We love to see our little troopers crafty creations so if you post your pictures on social media, please use the hashtag #craftylittletroopers.

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