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Birthday Fundraisers raise over £5,000 for Little Troopers

Asking for a donation instead of a gift for your birthday has become very popular. At Little Troopers we are over the moon that 53 people have chosen to donate to our charity over the last two years raising an amazing £5,092!

Facebook launched the initiative in 2017 and raised £803m for charities in just two years. Louise, founder of the charity, said “Lots of us never know what we want for our birthday and do not necessarily need anything. Facebook has made it super easy to set up a birthday fundraiser to share with your friends. You can set your own target and being a small charity, you know that every £1 raised makes a big difference.”

Every single penny of the money raised by our fundraisers goes directly back into ensuring the support we provide to military children can continue. It funds vital projects, resources and initiatives such as Little Troopers Treasures, Little Troopers at School and Little Trooper of the Month. This work is fundamental for the children of our British Armed Forces, especially at times when they experience repeated separation from their serving parent(s) and moving home and school regularly.

To set up a birthday fundraiser for Little Troopers you just have to click here *you will need a Facebook Account. As well as a Birthday fundraiser you can set up an ongoing fundraiser or why not do a fundraising event, we have lots of ideas and resources in our Fundraising section.

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