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A special Military Child X-ray of Feelings launched to mark the end of Month of the Military Child

To mark the end of the Month of the Military Child, our charity has launched a unique X-Ray of Feelings image entitled Being a Military Child. During the month of April, we recognise the resilience and strength of our little troopers and this image celebrates everything that is special about their lives. In addition to being a great picture it can also help children talk about their own feelings and strengths.

Little Troopers ‘X-Ray of Feelings’ are a series of six beautifully illustrated pictures showing an X-Ray of a child’s body which undercovers some of the thoughts and feelings they might be experiencing at different times of their life. They use child friendly discussion points like ‘my stomach feels like a stormy sea’, ‘my brain is full of questions’, ‘my heart feels loud’ or ‘my head hurts because I miss mummy / daddy so much’.

Each illustration is accompanied by an activity sheet that has been created by an educational psychologist. Parents, guardians or teachers can download the relevant scenario, talk through the illustration with the child and work through the activities; encouraging them to talk about and better understand how they are feeling.

Louise, our charity founder adds “Since the launch of our X-Ray of Feelings series a couple of months ago we have had such positive feedback. It can be hard to get children to talk about how they feel, but these resources help by using language that they are comfortable with. We are so excited to add this extra special image ‘Being a Military Child’ to the series, a special thank you go to artist Lorna Stannard who drew these amazing illustrations.”

The six X-Ray of Feelings illustrations are:

  • Being a Military Child – NEW!
  • Moving house
  • Mummy/Daddy going away
  • Mummy/Daddy coming home after deployment
  • Starting a new school
  • Making friends

To download the X-Ray of feelings, click here.  

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