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2020 sees the relaunch of our unique Separation Pack

To welcome in the new decade Little Troopers has revamped its most popular resource – the Charity’s Separation Pack. The new pack keeps all of the favourite items but has included more chuff charts and some extra bits to help keep that special connection between Parent and Child.

The pack which costs just £11 (plus P&P) now includes;

  • 10 x Chuff chart sheets + stickers – to help you countdown your time apart
  • World Map + stickers – so you can see where your Mum or Dad have been and also where you have lived around the world
  • Colour in postcards x 6 – to keep in touch
  • Photo frame – to keep Mum or Dad’s photo precious
  • Child and Parent separation diaries – to help you keep your memories to share when you are back together again
  • Separation booklet – packed full of ideas and tips

Louise, Founder of the charity said, “Our Separation pack was created as a response to all the feedback we got from our military families. This week we sent out our 5,000th pack! I love the fact that we are helping hundreds of military children through long periods of separation. The new resources in the pack not only help families while they are apart, it will now also help to rebuild bonds when Mum or Dad return home.”

Lots of families send us pictures of the pack in action and let us know how it has helped:

Gemma said “This pack is amazing. This was totally my life saver with my daughter last year xxx

Kate added “My little boy is 3.5yr old and his Daddy is away for two months. My son still asks for Daddy every day and tells me he’s missing him. It’s so much harder now he is more understanding to Daddy not being here. LT Separation pack is helping to give him a visual reminder of when Daddy will be home as he is marking off each day.”

You can order your pack here:


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