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Plans for Armed Forces Day?

We wanted to check in and see what plans you have for Armed Forces Day? On the 29th June 2024 the country will come together to show support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community. At Little Troopers we love to make sure that the children of those serving are also recognised.

Our charity founder Louise, said: “Making the decision to serve for your country is a tough one, especially if you have a family. Being away from home and the constant moving due to postings is hard for everyone especially children. Armed Forces Day gives us another opportunity to recognise the challenges and show them how proud we are. We have resources to help you celebrate the day at home or in schools.”

Celebrating Armed Forces Day at Home

You can find so many resources on our website to help you celebrate Armed Forces Day with your family:

A great way to celebrate is to organise a family awards ceremony. We have a perfect guide to help you with the planning and certificates that you can print and personalise. If you want to you could also present them with a Little Troopers medal, which are available to buy in our shop.

You can also decorate your home with our bunting template or find lots of craft activities in Crafty Little Troopers. Each family member could pick a craft item to make and present it to each other at a family meal.

For everyday support, love and fun you can print our pack of affirmation cards. The cards have lots of short phrases or words that we can repeat to ourselves. They can help lift your mood or put us in a more positive frame of mind. If deployment or just everyday life, is proving tough you could tuck one into your child’s school or lunch bag.

Celebrating Armed Forces Day at School

To help you plan for Armed Forces Day at school we have put together a dedicated resource pack. In the pack you will find assembly planners for both Primary and Secondary Schools.

There is also a copy of the Dandelion Poem. The Dandelion is the flower of a military child and the poem is poignant in its description of their lives. This would be a perfect discussion piece for a literacy lesson. We’ve also included some activity sheets that could be printed including both colouring in and a word search activity. 

At the end of the pack, you will find a certificate to print for the little troopers in your school, which could be presented in a special assembly.  You can download the free pack here.

Louise adds, “Our aim is to ensure that every little trooper is supported whether they live on base on independently. Through our Armed Forces Day resources, we hope we can support you in helping your little trooper feel proud of the role they play in our community. We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this special day.”

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