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Little Troopers marks the month of the military child with new video and free family activities

Little Troopers, the military children’s charity, has released a new video to mark the month of the military child. The charity teamed up with Veteran Productions to create the film with all the footage shot remotely by British Armed Forces families stuck at home during the lockdown.

The video shows military children reading lines from a poem about dandelions – known as the official flower of the military child because it’s a resilient plant with strong roots that blooms wherever its seeds are carried by the wind.

Louise Fetigan, founder of Little Troopers, explains: “We wanted to create an uplifting video that shines a light on all the amazing Little Troopers out there. The dandelion poem is beautifully written and brings to life just how special military children are for coping with everything that forces life sends their way. We’d like to thank Veteran Productions and all the families involved in the making of the film and we hope that it brings a smile to the faces of lots of military families this month.

“This is a particularly difficult time for lots of military children. As well as coping with lockdown, we know that lots of personnel are still deployed overseas and are facing Rest & Recuperation dates being cancelled and tour end dates being pushed back. Lots of forces families will also have a serving person being called up to support the Covid-19 crisis over the coming weeks.

“We want our Little Troopers to know that we are there for them during this time. There are lots of free resources on our website. Our Little Troopers Treasures storytime app is still free to download on tablet devices and we’ve added new dandelion themed activities for April so do get involved and help all the Little Troopers keep busy and stay connected to their parents during times of separation.”


About Little Troopers

Little Troopers is a charity that provides support to children and families who have a serving parent away from the family home. These children will quite often celebrate their birthday or Christmas without one or both of their parents and they count down to the day that they will come home. They can be away for one to nine months and often will be in a combat zone. To find out more visit www.littletroopers.net or see our founder’s blog https://www.littletroopers.net/louises-blog/

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Month of the Military Child