Little Troopers Wellbeing Course

Little Troopers has launched a new resource for primary schools to support service children. The Military Child Wellbeing Course is the first of its kind and is designed to encourage children in the military community to explore the unique challenges they experience while their parents are in the armed forces.

The comprehensive pack features all the resources needed for the child-friendly, interactive course, which is made up of seven sessions. Topics covered include how to cope with separation, deployment, house moves and living abroad, as well as the personal themes of belonging, identity and mindfulness.

The course has been created by a group of experts, including a cognitive behavioural therapy specialist, creative arts psychotherapist and play therapists, alongside Little Troopers founder: army veteran and military parent, Louise Fetigan.

“The aim of the Military Child Wellbeing Course is to acknowledge that service children do sometimes need additional support and to provide a safe space in which to open up these conversations and help children navigate these challenges in positive ways, be that now or in the future.”

The wellbeing course has been designed to be delivered to small groups of children ranging from 6 -11 years olds, making the material just as relevant to schools with two service children as to those with 100 or more.

The course complements the Little Troopers existing Primary Resource Pack. Each school purchasing the course will receive a USB with all of the course materials included so they can be used time and time again. All profits from the course will go back into the Little Troopers fund to continue creating resources, initiatives and events to support military children.

The wellbeing course template can be purchased for £150.00, all materials needed included.


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