July 22, 2019

Listen again to these short podcasts as Louise interviews military families on their experiences of raising Little Troopers through their military journeys.

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Familytime with

Lianne & Mai

Lianne and daughter Mai join Louise to talk all things lockdown. As a military family living unaccompanied navigating working from home, homeschooling and how they made it as fun and positive as they could.

Familytime with


In this episode Louise talks to Ed who met his now husband and soon after the wedding packed up and moved to Cyprus. They talk about living abroad with the military, meeting people and the impact of the pandemic which for Ed included an operation.

Familytime with


Jayne and Louise talk about the realities of deployment during a global pandemic and national lockdown. From feeling isolated, the impact on children to those awkward homecomings and depleting emotional fuel tanks.

Familytime with


Gill and Louise met through the work of Little Troopers and have remained friends for many years. In this episode Louise and Gill talk busy military life when both serving, a shock cancer diagnosis and using recovery to go onto great things…the Invictus Games!

Familytime with


Megan is a Little Trooper herself…not so little as she is now 17 years old. She joins Louise to talk about her experiences of living as a military child both in the UK and based overseas, pandemic deployment and how she’s tried to take her experiences and turn into positives.

Familytime with


Emma joins Louise in this first episode to begin Series Two.

Emma talks about miscarriage, her busy nursing career, military life and the beautiful arrival of their rainbow baby Alexander during the global pandemic this year.

Familytime with

Sian Smith

For the final episode in series one Louise meets with Sian who was a military child herself and they chatted growing up in a military family, friendship and meeting her husband who decided to join the Royal Navy. This heartwarming chat was a great end to the series.

Familytime with

Ceri Wareing

Ceri opens up to Louise about the military being her whole life; being born into a military family, living in the UK and abroad and then marrying into the military and the highs and lows that brought. A really interesting episode looking at military life from all angles.

Familytime with

Verity Cooper

Verity chats to Louise about her whirlwind romance meeting her now husband, getting married, living abroad and having a Little Trooper…all in a short space of time. In this heartfelt talk they speak about deployment, loss of identity and how to overcome that.

Familytime with

Claire Hilton

Claire meets Louise and chats about becoming part of the military community and how different that was, dealing with illness along with the impact that can have and also her small business that was started on a career break.

Familytime with

Steve Blake

Steve, his wife and little trooper Harry meet with Louise where they talk about a life changing time in their family life where Steve was diagnosed with a brain tumour shortly before they got married, all while also managing life as a serving soldier

Familytime with

Kirsty Kitchen

Louise meets Kirsty who until recently lived a very civilian life, until they decided they wanted a life change and embarked on a new military journey with her husband joining the Royal Navy. A great chat covering entering military life, surviving long deployment and homecoming!

Familytime with


Louise met with Sarah whose husband serves in the Royal Navy. They talk about a golden posting in London to then relocating and a career change to Portsmouth on posting and starting a family. A lovely insight into the highs and lows of military life.

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