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Schools out for the summer

For our little troopers in England and Wales it’s the start of the holidays. In Scotland we know you’re a few weeks in and thought you may all appreciate some ideas for things to help keep your little ones busy over the long break.

If your children are into role play or dressing up why don’t you check out our gorgeous Miniature Military uniforms. Based on the characters in our logo we have Army, Royal Navy and RAF outfits perfect for them to dress up like Mummy or Daddy. They are priced at just £22.95 each (plus P&P) and carry a unique ‘I’m a little trooper badge’.

Alternatively if you want some quiet time and are going through a deployment or have one on the horizon, check out our recommended reading list. All of the books have been read by military children and reviewed for your family. We also recently launched our own series of books entitled Dear Mummy/ Daddy. There is one for each Service; Army, RAF and Royal Navy. Set out as a series of letters the books address various situations and emotions that will be familiar to many of our children.

For those who like to get creative, don’t forget our Crafty Little Troopers section. You can find over 40 ideas for activities from cake making to making a cress head and more military themed activities such as welcome home banners and memory boxes.

If you have found something fun to keep your little ones busy why not share it with the military community through our Facebook page.

Happy holidays everyone.

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