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Moving home, starting a new school – we can help.

Lots of military families are on the move this summer. Moving home is stressful enough but ensuring your child is settled in their new school can be tough. Don’t worry we’re here; our charity has lots to help with the move and getting your children settled.

Louise, founder of the charity, said “Moving home is something we get used to in the military but it is hard for the children. My daughter had 5 schools in 5 years. It was frustrating that every school move felt like we were going back to the beginning. Over the last ten years we have pulled together lots of resources and tips to help make your move easier.”

Moving home

We know that getting the family involved in a move can help them process the change in their life. Some of our teenagers told us in our SQUAD podcast that as children they always wanted to know the plan. They didn’t like it when their parents sprung surprises on them. Here are a few of the resources you will find on our website to help:

  • In our Crafty Little Troopers section, you will find some handy moving labels to encourage everyone to get involved in the packing.
  • Moving home can be emotional – why not print off our x-ray of feelings picture specifically for moving home. These pictures can help you chat through with your child how they are feeling. Helping them to understand that what they are feeling is ok. There is also an activity sheet that has been created by an educational psychologist to help.
  • Leaving friends can be especially hard. Our Little Troopers Letters pack was created to help treasure special friendships. Writing letters is so much fun and everyone loves to receive something in the post! If you are moving in the next four – six weeks you can apply for a pack for your military child.
  • Don’t forget if your child is really struggling our positive affirmation cards may help. The affirmations are short phrases or words that they can repeat to themselves on a regular basis to help them keep a more positive frame of mind. You can download the whole set here.


Moving school

Moving schools can be one of the most frustrating things for our children. While the curriculum is similar across the UK, you may find that your child learns about the Romans three times and never finds out about the Vikings.  You want to ensure that your child keeps learning. There is lots you can do to help your child and school, here are a few resources to help:


Once you are all moved, why not have a family celebration/ awards event? We have mini medals and certificates to help and even an event planning guide.

Louise adds, “We hope that some or all of the resources here can help make the move easier. Just remember to be kind to yourself and have a break or a quiet cuppa at some point.”

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