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Mindfulness Resource launched for students

Little Troopers has launched a new Mindfulness Pack in its Secondary School Resource hub. The charity has responded to the increased concern about Children’s Mental Health, especially in these strange times. Seeing the effect that both lockdown and the day-to-day lifestyle changes that being a military child can bring we wanted to provide some resources that can help children manage their emotions.

The Pack which has been developed around a connection with nature, focusing on positive events and using breathing techniques, can be used to guide students on ways that they can help their own emotions. The Mindfulness Pack is broken down into five areas:

  • Bedtime Mindfulness
  • Chest and Belly Breathing
  • Internal Weather
  • Listening in Nature
  • Pleasant Events

You can download the whole pack for free, here. There are facilitator notes for each subject and guidance notes. The activities can be done with a group of students or an individual. Most of them can be done at school and others can be chatted through to give the students support at home.

Louise, Founder of the Charity said: “In this world of technology with increased use of mobile phones and games consoles, everyone needs to be encouraged to stop and breathe. In a way lockdown has helped some of us connect back with nature and we’ve seen the benefits that it brings. The mindfulness activities can help students to learn how to nurture their our own mental, encourage them to take a moment and focus on themselves. We hope that these tools will continue to help throughout their adult lives as well.”

You can find the Mindfulness pack here, which is part of our Secondary School Resource Pack here.

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