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It’s World Book Day!

It’s World Book Day! As lots of our little troopers head to school dressed as their favourite book character, we want to help you inspire their love of reading at home.

Louise, Founder of our charity said, “When I launched Little Troopers, military children were underrepresented in children’s literature. I wanted this to change, so I worked with Donna David on a series of books that reflect military life. I hope our books and some of the other resources on our website help your little ones proud that they are part of an amazing community.”

Little Troopers books

There are two series of Little Troopers books. All six books were written with the aim to reflect military children’s lives and to encourage them to talk about their own experiences:


We had such positive feedback from families about the books that many asked if we had any book day costumes. We know how proud our families are of their serving Mum or Dad so we designed mini versions of military uniforms. The adorable costumes cost just £22.95 (plus P&P).

If your little troopers are a bit older, they may like to check out the Little Troopers Gazette. The newspaper is written by little troopers for little troopers. The next edition will be out in April, find out more here.

Finally, one last tip we have for you is our Recommended Reads. Some of our military children friends have read lots of stories and provided a review. There are stories about Mummy or Daddy leaving, moving home, saying goodbye or just feeling worried. We hope you like the honest feedback and tips on how they can help your little troopers.

Please remember everything you need to support your little troopers at home, can be found here.

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