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At Little Troopers we have decided that one of our aims for 2022 is to spread the word about our charity and you can help. We believe that all military children deserve to have support available if and when they need it. We have five easy ways for you to help us talk about the support we can give to military children and the resources we have. Ultimately we want all military families to know that we are here if they need us.

Louise, founder of the charity said; “Children who have a parent serving in the Armed Forces do not choose this life, but inevitably they are affected by the lifestyle. Over the last few years, we have developed lots of resources to support children at home and at school. This year we want to work with the military community to share them far and wide. Most of our resources are online or can be shipped, so whether you are in the UK or abroad you can access our support.”

Supporting our charity doesn’t only mean making a donation (although we love those too!).  Here are our top five ways you can help us spread the word about Little Troopers:

  1. Complete our family survey.
  2. Ask your employers if they might be interested in becoming a sponsor or doing some fundraising.
  3. Share pictures of your children using our resources on social media. Whether it is a Separation Pack, Little Troopers Treasures, colour in postcards or Crafty Little Troopers. This helps us to show the impact of our work. Please remember to tag Little Troopers.
  4. Share the At Home link with your welfare teams
  5. Share the At School download with schools

Louise adds, “If you can do all five that would be fantastic but we truly appreciate any support you can give. Finally if you can, please get involved in Fundraise February. As a small charity we rely on donations to continue our work.”

Thank you!

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