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Little Troopers Separation Packs help thousands of military families

Deployment is one of the biggest challenges for a military family and thousands of children have received support from our charity through the Little Troopers Separation pack. The pack which helps families through the time apart is now back in stock and can be ordered now.

The Little Troopers Separation Pack was one of the first resources that our charity created; it is packed full of materials to help break down the time apart:

  • World Map with stickers giving your family a place to plot where you’ve lived with the military, where you have been on holiday and where their serving parent has been.
  • Chuff Chart sheets – 10 monthly charts that are generic and can be used for just one month at a time or an entire tour giving you the flexibility to count down. They all have a space for monthly diary notes so you can share them as a family when the serving parent returns home.
  • 10 x month complete stickers to use in conjunction with the chuff chart sheets
  • Postcard pack – 6 illustrated postcards to colour in with envelopes for the child to complete and send to their serving parent while they are away.
  • Separation Booklet – Which has pulled together the hints, tips and great ideas from parents for surviving when your loved one is away.
  • Little Trooper Separation Diaries – one for child to complete and one for parent to complete
  • Photo Frame – Me and my hero photo frame

Louise, founder of the charity said, “The packs are extremely popular; 500 have been sent out in the last month and thousands have been sent since they were launched. We often ship bulk orders to Units who have a planned deployment so feel free to send the link onto your Unit Welfare Officer.”

Here’s some of the messages we have received from parents:

“A big thank you to your wonderful charity, my boy loves his separation pack and it is really, really helping him to a feel a little bit in control whilst his dad is away, I am so pleased”

“Received my separation pack today and all I can say is I love it 🙂 Thank you for a fab idea to keep me busy whilst my partner is away from our little girl”

You can order your Separation Pack here. 

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