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Homecoming Party raises £170!

An amazing £170 has been raised for our charity at a homecoming party. Mum Kathryn and fiancée Chelsey arranged a surprise welcome home party for Corporal James Skillcorn in June. As a thank you for the work that Little Troopers does, they encouraged their guests to donate to the charity.

On the night Kathryn and Chelsey had an additional surprise for James. His friend Corporal David Blezard-Downs, who he was deployed with, turned up as a surprise guest to join the party.

One truly special part of the evening was when James and David presented their children with Little Troopers medals. Kathryn who thought of the medals said: “I thought it was a good idea to present both James’ little boy Arlo and David’s daughter Eden (Both aged 3) with your medals. I saw how much Arlo missed his Daddy, especially at Christmas. I thought the children deserved the medals for being so brave while their Daddies were away.”

Louise, founder of the charity said: “A homecoming is such a special part of a military family’s journey. We are overwhelmed that Kathryn and her family thought of us when planning their party. The photos of Arlo and Eden with their Little Troopers medals warmed our hearts. It is so hard being away from a parent for so long, we are super proud of them too.”

If you want to raise funds at one of your events, we have some handy bucket wraps that can be downloaded and stuck to a collection bucket. There is a colour in version or coloured version for your to choose from.

If you would like to present a medal to your little trooper, they can be purchased from our shop here.

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