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Free affirmation cards for military children

As part of Children’s Mental Health week, our charity has launched a new affirmations and mindfulness resource for military children and their families to use at home.

The Little Troopers Affirmation Cards are free to download from our website and feature 35 bright and colourful positive affirmations. Families can print them out and use as many times as they like. Some affirmations can be used every day, while others have been picked to support military children during more challenging times such as having a parent deployed or moving home and school.

The cards come with an information sheet written by mindfulness expert, Laura Howard, which explains how regular practice of affirmations can support wellbeing. They encourage positive thoughts and a sense of empowerment. The guide also includes a list of suggested activities to help families incorporate affirmations into everyday life, such as:

  • Give an affirmation to your child to pop in their pocket.
  • Make an affirmations calendar together as a family.
  • Picking affirmations together and talking about them.


Louise, founder of the charity, comments: “Children’s Mental Health is a big topic at the moment, especially with the impact of the Pandemic. It is something that we are always conscious of and many of our resources have been developed with children’s psychologists. We aim to provide simple tools that support the wellbeing of military children, whenever they need it and wherever they are in the World. The new Affirmation Cards are a great addition to these resources. We hope they help lots of military children realise how special they are and how much they are loved.”

The Affirmation Cards can be used by children and adults of any age. Phrases include “Thinking of you makes people smile” and “Always remember that you are so loved” 

The Cards are one of a number of resources to support Children’s Mental Health for military families and schools. Alongside the affirmation cards we have the X-ray of Feelings and Little Troopers certificates. For military children in school we have developed Wellbeing courses and Forces Life Club packs among other resources.

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