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Downloadable Forces Life Club pack available now for secondary schools

Little Troopers has launched its long-awaited ‘Forces Life Club’ pack to help support teen military children and their schools during these uncertain times. Teachers can now download the pack for free. It includes everything they need to set-up and deliver a dedicated virtual or in-person pastoral support club for military children aged 11-18. 

The resources can be adapted to different ages, group sizes and interests. This means that even though schools continue to teach the majority of students remotely, it is still possible to set-up a virtual Forces Life Club and / or an in-school Club for keyworker children.

As an extra boost to support our schools Little Troopers will be sending a £25 Tesco voucher to the first 25 secondary schools to download the Forces Life Club pack.

Louise, our charity founder, comments: “The ethos behind the Forces Life Club is to give military children a platform to celebrate their identities and use their shared experiences to create positive change in their school and wider communities. We hope that lots of schools engage in the project and help to empower their military children in a way that has a lasting positive impact.”

Why set up a Forces Life Club? Setting up a Forces Life Club is a great way to offer the pastoral support that the UK Government requests all schools offer to Service pupils. It will help to address the specific challenges service families face and ‘mitigate the negative impact of family mobility or parental deployment.

The downloadable pack can be used for all children at secondary school and includes simple adaptations for older students in KS4 and KS5 to use them more independently. The club can be run however each individual school sees fit, whether that’s a weekly session, after-school club or termly event. Schools are encouraged to give children ownership of the Club so they can practice their own emerging leadership skills.

The Forces Life Club pack is designed so that children can pick and choose different sessions to deal with the current challenges they face such as deployments, separation or frequent moves. The aims of the sessions vary from reflections and resolutions to creative projects, celebration, skills development and confidence building.

The Forces Life Club is the latest release resource to be released for secondary schools. On our website you will find the rest of the Secondary Schools Resource hub and a Military Wellbeing Course for children aged 11yrs and over. We also have resources for Primary schools in our online shop.

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