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Amesbury military children will star in new charity video

British Armed Forces children from Stonehenge School in Amesbury will star in a new series of videos produced by our charity as part of our Little Trooper at School programme.

The charity visited the school and filmed with two groups of students as they took part in a Forces Life Club session and listened to the new Little Troopers podcast –SQUAD. These new resources were created by our team to support service children in secondary school. The footage will be made into an ‘online toolbox’ so that other schools with service children can learn more about how to use the Little Troopers resources.

Supported by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, Little Troopers launched a range of free secondary school resources this year including an online Resource Hub, Forces Life Club Pack, Military Child Wellbeing Course and a new military teen podcast called SQUAD, which is presented by high-profile broadcaster Katie Thistleton. The resources give schools practical ways to support service children in education; exploring the unique challenges that military life can bring such as having a parent deployed overseas and moving house and school regularly. 

Samantha Hicks, Pastoral Support Manager, said: “The resources were fantastic. I didn’t need to put much work in to get the sessions ready- the resources were ready to print. The sessions were easy to lead, and the pupils found the opportunity and session structure a great way to share their thoughts and feelings.”

One of the pupils told us “I enjoyed it, as it was great for all military children to come together to express themselves about how it was to be a military child. It was good because we could share our thoughts and worries. You could support other children if they were feeling worried. It was good as there was different tasks and feel like you’re not the only one whose parents go away all the time.”

Louise, founder of our charity was there on the day and said: “It was a real pleasure filming with the students and seeing some of our resources in action. The filming concludes a two-year project for the charity during which time we’ve created lots of tangible resources that any secondary school can use with their service children.  As a charity, we think it is really important that military children feel understood and included in school. These resources make it really easy for schools to set aside time to bring service children together and give them a safe space to talk about forces life.”

You can find all the resources for secondary schools by clicking here.

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