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We did it! – Conquered Snowdon again…

On the 2nd April 50 people set off on a 975-metre high challenge walking up Snowdon in the wind, rain and snow to raise money for Little Troopers.

34 adults and 16 children set off at 9am to begin the 9-mile walk up the Llanberis Path in not the best of weather conditions! Louise Fetigan, Founder and Operations Manager of Little Troopers said: “We had such a great day the team were so brilliant encouraging each other and keeping the children motivated. Many of the people walking had no links with the UK Forces but had their own families and felt incredibly passionate about supporting our Little Troopers.”

Little Troopers are children who are growing up with a parent in the UK Forces. Parents can be away for up to nine months a year serving in the British Army, Royal Air Force or the Royal Navy. The charity, which started out, as My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures, started with a trek up Snowdon when founder Louise and a friend were looking for a way to take their children’s minds off their dad’s deployment.

So far the Snowdon Trek team have raised £2350.00 and the donations keep coming for everyone who completed the hard challenge.

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