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Trek Leaders Post – The challenge on the horizon!

As I sit here at my desk in Manchester there are threats of snow in the Highlands and the cold wind was blowing from the north into my eyes on my way into work this morning. In 72 hours we will hopefully be making our way up towards Snowdon summit and achieving the goal of the ‘My Daddy is a Soldier Trek 2011’ – to make it to the top and back down again – safely.
After our training walk, I cannot believe the weather could be any worse – but the motto of my days in the scouts always reminds me ‘be prepared’. I’m pretty sure we are. The kit performs beyond expectations, and more importantly the ‘Little Trekkers’ have put their all into being ready for this challenge and I’m proud of them.
People are set to join us from all walks of life on Saturday and at the present count there could be as many as 25 people on the trail alongside us – which will be amazing, and logistically challenging at the same time I’m sure.
Still, all that remains is to do the food shopping, get to North Wales in good time, and keep our fingers crossed that there is no snow on the day, as that may present another challenge altogether.
Wish us luck! And thankyou for all the donations so far. Mark x
See below rough schedule for Saturday for the trek should you be in the area!


Breakfast 7.15
Leave bunkhouse 8.00
Park in Llanberis main carpark 8.30
Depart for trek 9.00
Aim for summit at 12.30
photos at summit then packed lunch 13.00
Depart for descent 13.15
Aim to arrive back at carpark Llanberis 16.15
Tea to be arranged at local pub (hopefully)

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