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Snowdon Trek raises over £8,000!

Our 2023 Snowdon Trek has raised over £8,000! A group of 40 people joined Louise to climb Snowdon on one of the hottest days of the year. The group, which included six children, their families, serving personnel and others, scaled the Llanberis Path in the September sunshine.

Raw Adventures mountain leaders supported the trek, helping everyone to arrive safely. 9-year-old Louis Darwell was one of the first of the group to reach the top. He said: “It was quite hard climbing, but when I got to the top, I felt really proud of myself. We’re little troopers and little troopers never give up!

Alice, aged 10, also climbed the mountain. Her Dad, Martin, added. “While walking back down Snowdon, Alice said she never do it again. However, now she’s got the bug and has been asking about Ben Nevis! Alice was very proud wearing her medal into school on Monday showing all her friends.” 

Louise, founder of our charity, adds: “This is the sixth time we’ve climbed Snowdon. I think it’s been one of the hardest. It was really hot and humid on the mountain which was challenging at times. But two little troopers aged 9 and 7, Louis and Zac, who powered up the mountain at the front of the group and we were all so amazed, they kept us going!

Funds raised from the trek will help us to continue our work, such as our All-Together deployment program, Little Troopers Therapy program and Little Troopers at school project.

Louise adds “The event has been a success and I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated. Every penny makes such a big difference to our small charity. Special thanks also to Team Forces for sponsoring us.”

You can still donate to the Little Troopers Snowdon trek by visiting: https://donate.giveasyoulive.com/campaign/snowdon-2023-for-little-troopers

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