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Snowdon Challenge Weekend – April 6th 2013

What a weekend!!!!

It was a rocky road getting the challenge ready, with the adverse weather conditions and changing to a Plan B it really was touch and go if it would go ahead at all. There was so much snow on the mountains there was no way we could have reached the summit.

6 months of planning and organising paid off though and WE DID IT! We successfully completed with many others our Snowdon Challenge 2013!

At this point we must say a huge thank you to Boulder Adventures Claire and Tom were amazing and without them this challenge would not have happened. Thank you so so much.

As a group of 56 (much lower than anticipated due to drops outs at change of challenge) we abseiled 2170m which is the equivalent to the height up and down Snowdon. Every single person completed an abseil or more and our youngest Little Trooper to abseil was just 4 years old, such an achievement for all.

It took from 9am – 4pm of constant abseiling to complete our challenge but no one was going to give up and the cheers when we knew we’d completed it rang throughout the quarry! Everyone so so pleased that together as group we had acheieved what we came to do.

Little Austin 4 years old

Many of the group also completed a 5 mile trek of the Llanberis Lake in addition to the adseil so truely gave their all to the challenge and indeed the cause.

The weekend was about more then an abseil though, so many took so much away from the weekend. It was about being with others who understood, meeting new friends, sharing something truly unique and being part of something none of us will forget in a hurry.

One family really touched my heart on the weekend and I wanted to share why, it encapsulates why we started the charity and why we are so privileged to meet so many British Army families and Little Troopers.

A lovely family of  mum, son and daughter attended our challenge weekend, daddy is in Afghanistan and has been since October 2012. To witness how strongly they were bonded and how supportive they were of each other was utterly heart warming. I was sat on a rock watching the little girl come down her abseil, so bravely at 7 years old and her older brother waiting so proudly at the bottom, he then gallantly ran back up to cheer mum on for her abseil. I was sat in the tranquil sun having a chat with the little girl waiting for her mummy to conquer her challenge ‘Mummy’ she shouted ‘Close your eyes and think of daddy, that will get you down’ A tear rolled down my face, it was a moment in time… a Little Trooper who is currently going through a separation from a soldier parent yet being so positive and supportive to others, my lip is currently quivering writing this post, such a special moment I was a part of, one I will never forget and such a inspirationaly brave and strong family. As mummy landed safely at the bottom of the abseil I stood back, the little girl hugged her mummy ‘Mummy, Daddy will be so proud, we have so much to tell him now when he gets home in 2 weeks’

Right there in front of me was our reason, our motivation and why we are so passionately working hard for the charity to grow so we can support as many British Army families and Little Troopers as possible.

This challenge raised £3,000 and rising and I know that every single person that attended went home with a smile on their faces, a feeling of achievement and knowing they had been part of something special with others in a similar situation.

Two years on from the first trek and what we have achieved blows my mind but there so much more we want to achieve….join us as we move into our next chapter xxxxx

You can still donate to the Snowdon Challenge here: Donate Here

Louise & Linda after the challenge in Llanberis, Snowdonia

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Louise herself served in the British Army and saw active service in Kosovo. Her husband is a serving soldier who has undertaken six operational tours of duty since their daughter was born in 2003. Louise is passionate about helping all the Little Troopers at home through the anxiety of deployment and also the stress of a long course or exercise having experienced first hand the impact it can have.

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  1. My nephew Austin was the little 4 year old who abseiled and did the whole challenge. We are so proud of him and the work that the charity do. Well done to everyone. Ali Webster

  2. I know what a massive challenge it was for my best friend and her little boy Austin, he did so well and i'm very proud of them both, it's not easy to be a single mum and working fulltime let alone being in the army too! they are both beautiful people! big hugs and again well done! xx

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