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Show your support for our Snowdon Team Today

We want you to show your support for our Snowdon team today! This weekend more than 50 fundraisers will be climbing the highest mountain in Wales to raise money for our charity.

Bi-annually we organise a trek up Mount Snowdon in recognition of where we started twelve years ago. It is the charity’s biggest fundraiser of the year and you can make a donation now.

A huge thank you to Team Forces for sponsoring the event and contributing to the cost of the climb.

Louise, founder of our charity, said: “We’re a small charity with a big heart. We work hard to do our very best for all the military children out there. We’re so grateful to our fundraisers, but especially our little troopers. They understand first-hand what it’s like to grow-up in the forces community. It’s so lovely that they want to raise money to support other little troopers like them.”

She adds, “We have such a lovely team climbing with us on Saturday. Below are just some of the stories of those taking part.”


A nine-year-old Louis’s Dad serves in the Royal Navy, he said “I’ve chosen to support Little Troopers because I know how hard military life can be for kids. We’re born in this world and it’s tough. I’m so proud of my daddy and love being part of the Royal Navy family but I really miss him. When he gets deployed, I worry.  We maybe get to speak to him every few weeks and we get the odd email during the week. However, my life is just meant to continue as normal and everyone around me at school, my activities don’t see how much I’m hurting inside. This is why Little Troopers is important to me, it brings awareness to the struggles we face. They provide schools with support so they can better understand what we’re going through. It makes us feel connected. 

I’m really excited to climb Snowdon I know it will be tough but that’s what makes it worth it. I guess that’s military life though. I’m also really looking forward to meeting other military families and children because they understand how we feel.”


 10-year-old Alice, whose dad served in the British Army has been out preparing for the challenge. She’s been hill walking in Snowdonia, North Wales, and nearby Yorkshire Dales. Although apprehensive, Alice is ready for the challenge She said she is looking forward to meeting the small group of military children who are also joining the climb.


Emily is 21 and grew up in a forces family so knows first-hand the challenges that military children face. She only discovered Little Troopers recently and her family wanted to join us to raise vital funds for our charity. Emily says “When I was growing up there was little awareness or resources available to support children growing up in military families. Having the opportunity to support a charity that aims to provide a safe and comforting environment for the whole family, as well as the children themselves, during the challenging times military families face has really motivated me to take on this challenge.” 

Poppy and Violet

Sisters Poppy (9) and Violet (6) Couzens Dad serves in Royal Marines. Mum, Danielle and Dad, Matty, will be joining them on the climb up Snowdon. Danielle comments: “The girls are very close to their Dad. Due to the nature of his job he has to spend a lot of time away from home. Sometimes it’s for months at a time. It’s always hard for them when Daddy goes away and we use Little Troopers resources at home to support them. When we heard about the climb, the girls were really keen to get involved and give something back. They’re also looking forward to meeting some other military children who are joining the climb.”

Poppy comments: “Our Daddy works away a lot which is hard because we miss him lots. Mummy cannot make fluffy pancakes like Daddy can! The charity has helped when our Daddy was away with our books that we filled in. They also helped us chat about our feelings and gave us ideas on things to do while Daddy was away, I am feeling unsure about the climb because it’s very high and will take a long time. We have been doing a lot of training walking and cycling.”

Get Involved

We hope our fundraisers have inspired you to get involved. If so, Show your support for our Snowdon Team Today. You can make a donation right now to help motivate our team or sign up to do a virtual climb. The climb up Snowdon is 14.5km (9miles). You can join in the spirit of the event by walking, running or cycling the distance.

The group fundraising page to make a donation here.  

The details for a fundraising virtual climb are here


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