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New Therapy Programme video series for parents!

Today is the launch of a new therapy programme video series for parents. The videos are part of our tri-service Little Troopers Therapy Programme.

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund, the Little Troopers Therapy Programme is for military children who are struggling with the unique challenges that military life can bring and would benefit from professional therapy and support.

Louise, founder of our charity, comments: “We have had a huge volume of referrals to our Therapy Programme since we opened in October 2022. The programme has been specifically created about military life and the wellbeing of military children. It is important to us as a charity that this bespoke therapy programme benefits as many children as possible. That’s why we’ve worked with The Owl Centre to create a video series that is accessible to everyone.”

The new therapy programme video series for parents is freely available to all military families. In each of the three videos, therapists from The Owl Centre cover information, practical advice and activity ideas. Some of the content is also part of the bespoke in-person programme.

Each video has downloadable activities that families are encouraged to print-out and complete together at home. The three topics covered are: having a parent away; moving home and school; and nurturing resilience as a military child.

Louise adds “The videos are perfect for families that might be waiting for a space on the Therapy Programme, or, are just going through a challenging time. They can offer some specific advice and ideas to help their child. Whether it is to navigate through a deployment, house move or other tricky moment in their military journey.”

The Little Troopers Therapy Programme

The Little Troopers Therapy Programme will initially run until 2024 and benefit 600 military children through 1:1 and group sessions. Individual referrals are currently closed but will re-open in August as the second year of the project begins.

For more information and to watch the videos, click here.

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