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New story books created just for our Little Troopers

Three new story books written just for little troopers have been launched by our charity recently. These beautifully written and illustrated story books follow military children through the unique life they lead and the situations they often find themselves in being part of a military family.

The story in each book is presented through a series of letters written by Tom, Tilly and Freddie to their serving military parents, sharing their thoughts and feelings.

There are currently three book titles in the Dear… series covering the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. They are great for your little trooper at home, perfect for military clubs at school, on base or libraries. Here’s an overview of each book:

RAF Dear Daddy
Tom loves helicopters, bikes and birthdays.
He also loves his Daddy very much, but his Daddy is in the
Royal Air Force and he is away from home, again.
Join Tom as he writes letters to his Daddy on the front line.

ARMY Dear Mummy (dual serving family storyline)
Tilly’s Mummy is the best cook in the world, so Tilly thinks that
the Army are lucky to have her as a chef. When Mummy goes
away, Tilly is very, very proud. She’s also a bit sad and a bit lonely.

Freddie sends his Daddy kisses across the ocean, he writes
letters and emails and he tracks his Daddy’s journeys on a big
map. He finds nothing is the quite the same as getting an in-real-life
squishy cuddle from Daddy.

The books are recommended for 3 – 10 years and are the first three books in a six part series. You can buy an individual books for £3.50 or all three as a bundle for £10 HERE

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