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New adventures on Little Troopers Treasures

A new book has been added to the library on the Little Troopers Treasures app. ‘Walter and the no need to worry suit’ story by Rachel Bright is set in the village of Woollybottom and introduces you to the world’s biggest worrier Walter.

Louise founder of Little Troopers said “Walter and the no need to worry suit is a great story and I am so pleased to add it to our library. If your little ones are going through a worrying time this could really help. It is a story full of fantasy and comedy, but with an underlying life lesson.”

New books will be added to the library every month over the next few months thanks to Harper Collins Children’s Books who work with their authors to provide all of the books on Little Troopers Treasures.

The app is used by over 500 families and is making a huge difference. Mum Sarah Frowen told us “We love using your app – as a single serving parent I am often away for weeks at a time and one of the biggest thing my 3 year old misses is our bedtime story. An incredible app that allows him to see me and hear my voice; hopefully gives him the reassurance that mummy is thinking of him especially when we are apart. Thankyou!!”

Little Troopers Treasures is a free, easy to use app that can make story time precious every day and will ensure children never miss a bedtime story from their parents again; they can watch the recordings over and over whenever they miss their mummy or daddy. You can download the app on ipads or android tablets; find out more here.

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