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Macky Monsters becomes one of our Company supporters

Little Troopers is delighted that Stacie Wildney, author of Macky Monsters, has joined our group of company supporters. She will be donating 10% of the purchase price of her Macky Monsters gift set to the charity. The gift set includes a signed copy of the book and a T-shirt.

Macky Monster’s Daddy works away was inspired by Stacie’s family. Her husband serves with the 1 Royal Anglian Regiment and they have two beautiful daughters together aged 10 and 2. Pre-Covid Stacie’s husband had completed quite a few tours so their older daughter Poppie was used to the routine. However, when Covid hit everything changed Stacie’s husband spent over 8 months at home, still working, but not going away. When he did deploy again, it would be really hard for her younger daughter Isla who couldn’t remember Daddy ever being away.  

Stacie said “I found it heart-breaking that one day she would just wake up and he wouldn’t be there. She was too young for me to be able to explain so I had the idea to try and write her a sweet story to explain that some daddies work away – That’s how Macky Monster was created.”

Macky Monsters joins these other companies that kindly support the charity:

  • @bettybeenbaking has raised an amazing £250 for Little Troopers so far, with her gorgeous cakes (see below). You can order a box to send to friends and family, military personnel overseas or straight to your door! Just visit her instagram page.
  • Peepul.co.uk is a children’s toy business run by Kate White, a military wife and mum, making and selling little wooden peg people.Kate designed a beautiful Dandelion wooden peg doll (see below) and will be donates £5 to the charity for every doll sold. The dolls are released as a Special Edition throughout the year, so keep an eye on their website for the next order.
  • Amazon and the Institute of Supply Chain Management have both been sponsors of our Little Trooper of the Month scheme this year.

If you run a company and would like to support Little Troopers please contact us through this web page. Don’t forget you can buy Macky Monster’s Daddy works away through Stacie’s website or on Amazon.

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