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Little Troopers Treasures is 4 years old

Little Troopers Treasures, the charity’s bedtime reading app is four years old this week. The app allows parents, serving with the UK Armed Forces, to record a video of themselves reading a story. Since its launch, over 8,000 stories have been watched by little troopers, giving their parents the chance to be part of the bedtime routine even when they are miles apart? 

Alongside the app the charity developed a suite of resources to make the time apart a little easier. Online you can find weekly planner sheets, Separation diaries for the parent and child and a brilliant time difference sheet so you can feel connected even though you are miles apart.

Louise, founder of the charity said, “it has been so lovely to see how our Little Troopers Treasures app has helped families stay connected through deployment. We recently completed a technical update for the app and we are looking forward to adding to its library of books later in the year.”  

Available exclusively to military personnel, the app allows the serving person to choose a book for their child and record a video. As the video plays to the children the pages turn in synchronisation with their parents voice.  The app has a great range of much-loved children’s e-books including Judith Kerr’s Mog books, Michael Bond’s Paddington, Emma Chichester-Clark’s Blue Kangaroo as well as stories from Bing.

You can download the app from the app store or google play onto your tablet device. To find out more about Little Troopers Treasures click here.

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