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First Little Troopers’ Group Therapy session takes place in Yorkshire

24 teenagers have taken part in the first group session from the new Little Troopers Therapy Programme. The group session was part of the All Together Residential weekend that took place in North Yorkshire.

Two therapists from The Owl Centre facilitated the session as the teens discussed the ups and downs of military life.

Louise, Founder of our charity was with the teenagers over the weekend and sat in on the Therapy session. She said “People think that when military children reach their teens they have built up all the resilience they need. However, the challenges keep coming. Changing school when trying to focus on GCSEs, hormones affecting the emotions around deployment and feeling they should be ok. Sitting in on our first group Therapy session was a real privilege. I could see how providing a safe space with like-minded teenagers allowed them to share how they were really feeling.”

One of the teenagers who took part told us, “It was good to be able to talk about how it feels to have a parent in the army. We could all be honest with each other because everyone in the group has gone through the same thing.”

Our Little Troopers Therapy group sessions are aimed at military teens and can be delivered around England. A qualified Owl Centre psychotherapist can visit local youth clubs, cadet units, after school clubs or other community groups. Group leaders can email us to apply for a session for ten military children.

The Little Troopers Therapy Programme is to initially run for a period of two years, thanks to a grant from The National Lottery. It will provide 50 group sessions – benefiting up to 500 children.

The group sessions are part of the Little Troopers Therapy programme, which also includes one to one sessions. There will also be an on-demand session on our website in December. You can find out more here.

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