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Change your little trooper into a cute bunny

How would you like to turn your little Troopers into cute bunnies this Easter? Little Troopers has the perfect solution to answer the moans of “I’m bored” this holiday. Our Crafty Little Troopers section has over 35 activities to keep your little ones busy and three have an Easter theme.

You could get your little ones busy creating a gorgeous Easter egg wreath for your door or cooking up some chocolate crispy nests with yummy mini eggs in the kitchen. Our favourite is the cute bunny ears activity. It is so easy all you need is a piece of card that will go around your child’s head, some Sellotape and colouring pens or pencils.

Louise, Founder of Little Troopers said, “My little girl was seven years old when I started the charity and I can remember how long the weekends felt when my husband was deployed, the school holidays just seemed to go on for ever. I love our Crafty Little Troopers sections there are so many great activities to keep you busy throughout the year.”

The crafty activity sheets tell you everything you need and give easy to follow directions to help you make your own creations. You can find them all here.

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