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Beca’s top baking tips

We have had lots of interest in Get Cakey for Little Troopers. If your event is coming up soon why not read these top tips from Beca Lyne-Pirkis who was a semi-finalist in the fourth series of the Great British Bake Off. If you haven’t registered an event yet don’t forget that all of the resources for Get Cakey can be found here. There are still a few super special event packs, which we’re sending to the first 50 people to register an event.

When it comes to baking – there’s not much I haven’t seen, baked or eaten!  Here are my Top Tips to help get you inspired, enthused and into the kitchen for Little Troopers Get Cakey campaign!

  1. Plan ahead – have think about what type of thing would appeal to you at a bake sale and do some research to find a recipe that isn’t too complicated.
  2. When baking with little troopers – embrace the mess. If you fear the flour storm that will inevitably happen then you will just get stressed from the start.  It will be messy, and they will want to make it all themselves, so clear anything out of the way that you don’t want covered in sticky handprints or buttercream and guide them through the simple recipe that you have found for them to do.
  3. Don’t forget to wash your hands and clean any surfaces before you start, wear an apron and make sure your little troopers also help with the cleaning up at the end…..and licking the bowl and spatula clean doesn’t count!
  4. You don’t have to bake something sweet! You could make some bread rolls or savoury scones; not everyone has a sweet tooth – me included, and when I judge a baking competition, the savoury items always tend to appeal to me the most.
  5. Baking a whole cake like a Victoria Sponge will always do well in a bake sale, however, consider baking something that is a batch, like cookies, muffins, scones or brownies. Not only are they easier to sell as they’re already portioned up ready to go, but you and your Little Troopers can reward yourselves with a small piece after your baking (and cleaning) session is done.
  6. Finally – enjoy being together and baking. It’s a fantastic activity to do for all ages and you can work in so many other elements into baking something, like numeracy skills with all the weighing and portions.  You can look at the history of a bake and which area or country it came from and also baking is probably the best science experiment you can do.  These are all additional activities you can do whilst things are baking and cooling.

Now go Get Cakey!

Happy Baking – Beca x

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