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Army v Navy – Everything you need to know

Army v Navy – Everything you need to know

Family Tickets – what to expect

Our charity has been chosen as Charity of the Day for this year’s Army vs Navy Game at Twickenham Stadium. Taking place on Saturday 4th May – and we can’t wait! We’re hoping to see lots of little troopers there, because there is now a dedicated family area in the stadium.

We caught up with Brian Facer, Competition Manager, to find out what families can expect if they come along…

The Army vs Navy Game has a lot of history. How long has it been running?

Army Navy is one of the most historic matches in the world! It is one of the landmark fixtures in the rugby calendar. The two Services have been playing since 1878 and it became an annual fixture in 1907. The Inter Service Championship in its current form started in 1920, soon after the Royal Air Force was founded. Aside from World War II and the Covid pandemic, the competition has been played each year since then.

Families can now attend the game, is that right?

We’ve always offered tickets for under 16s but last year we introduced a dedicated family area. It’s three blocks of seating near the pitch on the lower tier. The idea is that families can all sit together to enjoy the game. We find it’s great for younger children and any families that don’t want to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the main crowd.

What was your main reason for introducing the families area?

Rugby is a sport which prides itself on being welcoming to all the family. Bringing your child to Twickenham, home of English rugby, for the first time is a big occasion. It is a day we hope children remember for years to come. While international games can be very expensive, we like to think that the Army Navy game is very accessible.

Do families have to sit in the family area?

Not at all. Families are welcome to buy tickets elsewhere in the stadium but some families will find the dedicated area appealing. We only introduced the area last year and received great feedback from families saying they enjoyed sitting together.

Do you split the fans into Army and Navy?

No. The spirit of rugby crowds is that everyone is friendly and the fans all sit and enjoy the game together. The Army vs Navy game isn’t any different. Last year there was someone who had made this fantastic outfit that was half an Army uniform on the left and half a Navy uniform on the right. That sums up the nature of the crowd and what families can expect.

What facilities are there near the families stand?

Families are just a few steps from being able to buy food and drink and use the toilets. As the area is on the lower tier you are also within easy reach of food vendors outside the Stadium.

How much do family tickets cost?

Tickets for the family area at £25 per adult and £10 per junior. That includes both the men’s and women’s games.

Do you have a minimum and maximum age limit for the junior tickets?

Junior tickets are up to Under-16. While there is no minimum age parents do need to consider that with two matches, a large crowd and the travel time to and from Twickenham, it might not be appropriate for toddlers and babies.

Would you recommend families bring ear defenders for little ones?

Like any live sporting event, it can get noisy and that’s part of the atmosphere and enjoyment of the day. Families will know themselves if their child would benefit from wearing ear defenders.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our families?

Just that we hope they have fun! This is an occasion where mens teams and womens teams are given equal billing. That’s not just within sport but within our Armed Forces as well. Hopefully Little Troopers and their families have a fantastic day.

If you want to know more about our plans on the day, click here.

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